Meet the 20 Best Bass Anglers in America

January 2, 2019

Bass angling has become increasingly popular in America during the last twenty five years. Many people ask themselves what the hype is about. Well, this industry may have started small but now attracts many interested sportsmen with its worth of five billion dollars. Moreover,this is not such a pricey sport and anyone can enjoy with small amount of money spent. The USA is firmly dominating this sport. If you read further, you’ll meet the creme of this interesting sport!

Michael Iaconelli, Pittsgrove Township (New Jersey)

Born in South Philly, this 46 year-old father of four has been fishing for as long as he remember. He started to compete when he was in high school and has been victorious in every big bass fishing competition you can list such as 2003 Bassmaster Classic and 2006 Angler-Of-The-Year.

Rick Clunn, Ava (Missouri)

Rick Clann could be described as the pioneer in American Fishing. When the media talks about him, they use words such as ”the living legend”. His achievements are the testament to this. He won Bass Classic 4 times and appeared at the event 39 times- more than any American Fisherman!

Larry Nixon, Bee branch (Arkansas)

Nixon started his career in 1977 and he finished nineteenth on his first tournament. However, this didn’t scare him and he continued his brilliant career winning many awards. His best achievement is third place in the Forrest Wood Cup. During the whole career, nevertheless. he kept being among top fishermen.

Skeet Reese, Walnut Creek (California)

Skeet Reese is popular in the fishing world for staying in top ten for 74 times.Reese is popular in the fishing world for staying in top ten for 74 times. He won some relevant tournaments such as 2009 Bassmaster Classic and 2007 Toyota
Bassmaster Angler of the Year. Not only does he like to compete but he also likes designing rods he brings to tournaments.

Luke Clausen Spokane Valley (Washington)

Clausen announced his successful career early when he won Forrest Wood Cup in his rookie season. Lake Coeur d’Alene has a special place in his heart but his favorite waters to throw the rod is the Clear Lake of California. He stayed in top 10 for most of his career.

Mark Davis, Idaho (Arkansas)

Out of 38 times that he has appeared on big events, Mark Davis has won once and finished 8 times in top ten. He doesn’t like to be at one place and loves the outdoor life which he spends fishing and hunting. Now, he is hosting famous fishing TV shows.

Edwin Evers, Talala (Oklahoma)

Edwin Evers is a 2016 Bassmaster champion and one of the most dedicated fisherman when it comes to teaching about this sport. Sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, Optima Batteries, Mercury, and Lowrance, he educated wide audience about various angling techniques on Optima’s Outdoor Channel and their show called Classic Patterns.

Byron Velvick, Boulder City (Nevada)

In the total of 157 tournaments he participated in, he was first 2 times second and third twice and has a total of 9 top ten finishes. What makes him stand out is the world record for the heaviest fish caught in a three-day tournament. It
weighted 83.5kg- real feast!

Casey Ashley, Donalds (South Carolina)

The GEICO Bassmaster Classic winner from 2015 amassed $1,486,422 during his career. Apart from fishing he says he loves normal hunting and playing guitar. He was born in 1984 – a pretty young fisherman whom we expect at least more top ten finishes which he has already achieved twenty six times.

Clay Dyer, Hamilton (Alabama)

This brave man born without almost all extremities deserves a place here for his strength and motivational ability. He has yet to grab a big award but he already accomplished giving motivational speeches to companies, non-profits and
churches. The sentence he loves to use is ” If I can you can!”

Kevin Van Dam, Kalamazoo (Michigan)

He has 4 Bassmaster Classic wins and 7 Angler of the Year titles under his belt making him one of he best fisherman of this time. He has an astounding 112 top ten finishes out of 311 appearances and he seems to want to continue! From fishing he earned $6,402,476.33.

Gerald Swindle, Guntersville (Alabama)

Gerald Swindle’s most recent big achievement was the 2016 Toyota Bassmaster Angler.He also took the trophy at the Lake Toho during Southern Open Championship. He is also said to be one of the funnies fishermen out there and he is louded as workaholic with lots of fishing talent and compassion

Ish Monroe, HUghson (California)

Ish Monroe still has a classic win to grab, but has 5 first finishes which promises that we can anticipate great things from him. He has 32 top 10 finishes out of 241 attempts to be the best! Besides fishing and hunting, he also seems to cook in spare time!

Bill Dance, Tennessee

This shining fishing legend was the first to win the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year award, has four top 10 Bassmaster Classic finishes and much more. His name is forever engraved in the fishing world from 2001 when he became an inductee of Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.

Hank Parker, Maiden (North Carolina)

Hank Parker is not in angling world because of substantial monetary profit. He rather enjoys fishing with his children than having big negotiations with companies. However, although he spends majority of his time on lake normal he
still managed to win BASS Masters Classic on the James River in Virginia.

Cliff Crichet, Pierre Part (Louisiana)

Known as the Cajun Baby, Crochet appeared in 114 tournaments and captured one 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd place while he finished in top 10 ten times. He is a father of 2 (Ben and Lee) and was born in 1983 – there is still some time for more wins!

Pete Maina, Wisconsin

Peter Maina is the host of Next Bite TV on NBC Sports Network now. He used to be a professional angler and also has an interest in writing books, photography and public speaking. He started as a school gym teacher and now advocates for muskie preservation. An all-around successful fisherman!

Tommy Skarlis, Waukon (Iowa)

He tried out his hook in 49 events and was among the best ten anglers 10 times! He joined PWT in 1996 and is better known as Hollywood in the fishing world. Since his first appearance he won Angler of the Year title in 2004 as well as the 2008 FLW Walleye Tour Championship.

Mike Boedeker, Lansing (Michigan)

This fifty-nine year-old has fished for 25 years and got his hands on gold at World Championships in Rhinelander with
American national Ice-Fishing team. He usually stays away from the camera so not too many things are known about his private life but he sure wrote history of bass fishing!

Heather Michelle Harkavy, Coral Springs (Florida)

Heather deserves her place here because of her immensely promising talent. She is just sixteen years old but yet managed to catch 27 lb amberjack. This had her eligible for IGFA’s women’s 10 kg (20 lb) tippet record. Her advanced style of fishing is surely to to be closely followed!

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